Have you ever felt like sometimes because you’re naturally sad or angry, you end up vibrating the same energy towards other people? It’s a pull of gravity. Like I try my best to smile and laugh and project a colorful personality in public but at the end of the day, when it’s sombre and piognant, I tend to swell up varying emotions to the point where tears just starts falling, uncontrollably, drowning the world with it. It’s tiring sometimes- the feeling of lost and agonizing intensity of not knowing why it hurts.

I’m trying to focus on something, on details, on little things but they always end up in jumble. It’s like searching for words in space. It’s there but it’s not. It comes and it goes. Like how my life is actually, right now. I want to write something because I feel too much again. But words turn to scratch and scratch turns to crampled papers over the bin. Does anyone know how much frustrating this feels? I try to say something, but all I get are the wrong words – the wrong words which are the exact opposite from what I mean.

So tonight, I’m trying to just write down what I want to say without touching any topic at all. My friend says not focus too much. To just try to start with something because even jumbled words will eventually find its meaning. It will just flow continuously and I won’t even realize it’s not words I’m writing but my heart’s feeling. So I’m doing it today. Writing out of nowhere, with pieces of scratch, hoping that it will make sense in the end. If not, let alone the fact that I’m trying.

Speaking of trying, I’ve been trying so hard to focus on the important matters of life. Whenever I go out, I make it a point to smile and be cheerful to avoid dragging people down to my pits. I tell myself eveyday that challenging days are natural and it will pass. Piece of cake. So far, I think I’ve projected an easy outgoing attitude. But is it enough? Will the process of conveying bright emotions out in the open help me realize the importance of actually feeling it for real?

I have dozens of questions in my mind, sometimes hidden but always present, and answers circulating, wavering through different directions- Unattainable. Complicated. I’m growing old and with it, I feel like my innocence is dying. It scares me a lot. I don’t want to be left alone with multiple questions as to why I am acting this way. I want to keep appreciating life as it is.

So there it is: a negligible story of my fucking distressful life. It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. I hope it will.


Coron, Palawan 2018


Having been tagged as one of the most beautiful island in the world, I have always had this dream of exploring Palawan. Its picturesque coastlines hidden in 1,780 extremely beautiful islands are known to capture the hearts of many, one of which is Coron. Continue reading “Coron, Palawan 2018”

Drink Healthy. Live Healthy. Drink Lem-on Lav.

IMG_5082It’s been weeks since I’ve agreed to post something about my brother’s Lem-on LaV business but I couldn’t write  anything because I wanted to try it out first. If I’m going to tell people to buy it then at least I should be honest and tell them what to expect about it. Continue reading “Drink Healthy. Live Healthy. Drink Lem-on Lav.”

Mt. Batolusong


The desire to see the slopes and grassland over a mountain peak started when I first tried hiking. The grit and grandeur of far-flung wilds intimidated my innerself to question the wonders that lies beyond the concrete jungle we’re living in. It hurts to know that it became an enigmatic wall that separates us to the indefinite beauty of our physical world. From then on, I told myself that I’d have to visit more of these places. Continue reading “Mt. Batolusong”

Palaui Island

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The thing about going home after several months of working away is that you can finally slouch on a couch, stretch your arms wide open and distress all the toxic vibes that can potentially manipulate your spirit to dive in a pool of negativity. Continue reading “Palaui Island”



Question. How do we stay good amidst all the bad and chaos in this world? A weighty matter that is dangling my head lately. A pious inquiry that has to be discussed now or never. It keeps my mind traversing through empty pages, wandering back and forth to where my values are rooted from, or do I even have those to begin with? Kindly keep me sane for the next few minutes and I will tell you more about it. Continue reading “Communicate”