Hello world!


Hello there!

I’m starting my post not about books nor travels but all about myself! (let me be selfish this time, oki?)

Anyway, my name is Abra Mae Raval. My friends call me abs/ abhie/ pig but to be discreet, if you want, you can also call me abra. I’m a legit human being and an adventure-seeker. I love ice cream, pizza, anything cheesy, books, music, cute stuff, coffee and beautifully crafted words. I’m kind of a happy-go-lucky paradox who live in extremities (Aaah!!!). I’m planning to literally live my life since I’m growing old each year and I am already in the verge of adulthood (Ooh no! I am an adult).

I edit post every so often. You’ll find me quite a grammar-OC, and I can’t help it. Oh by the way, I’m not a journalist but I’d like to consider myself a writter, because anyone can write, therefore anyone can be a writer. Let’s not limit our abililties, ok? (If you want, feel free to check my tumblr diary: acynycal & poems: @abswtvr (hellopoetry.com).

Maybe then you’ll find out that I’m quite an old soul, lost and still wandering around the edges of a wonderful place called nowhere. lol.

Oh! before I forget, I have an account in good reads too (if you want check: @absdmuscle).

I don’t really write reviews about the books I read before but I decided that I should because the world we’re living right now cares less about books. I want to open up the reader spirit in everyone’s heart so that we could turn back the time where in reading had been such an important tool for growth.

Aside from that, I love traveling! I love heights! and everything that has to do with heights is a must try: tree drop, bungee jumping, sky diving- well, even scuba diving (heights below).

Sadly, I haven’t done anything more extreme than diving and superman ride. Oh well, I promised myself that I have to do at least 3 scary travels that has to do with conquering heights (sorry, kept mentioning it) before this year (2016) ends.

AJAA!! Fighting!

Now, feel free to pry while I send you lots of flying kisses and super tight cyber space hug! -xo