Book Review: Charley’s Webb


Charley’s Webb by Joy Fielding

First things first. The title page of the book first hooked me. It was smart since it sounds like the famous kidie book; Charlotte’s Webb.

To tell you the truth it was the reason I bought it. I was completely decieved thinking it was a great buy only to find out after a while that it was something different. A CHARLEY’S Webb.

I felt a sting of regret thinking of how much a fool I was. But anyway, it was just for a little while because when I read the book, I was more than satisfied.

Though I still have some say about some parts and the characters.

The context of the story evolved around an astoninshing, attractive, smart journalist named Charley, who writes in a newspaper column entitled ‘webb site’.

By the way, it’s funny that Ms. Fielding was still able to connect the ‘kiddie book’ to that of the story, mentioning that it was really where Charley (Charlotte’s) name was taken. The famous Bronte sisters!

Anyway, I got hooked with the way the people in the story converse. It’s so witty I wish I have a mind like theirs and ofcourse a debate who is equally smart and reserved.

I so much admire Charley’s effort in reconnecting her loved ones even tho she tried to set barriers in the past. Well. Well. No man is an island, aitn’t it?

As with Jill Holmer, the portrayal of her role was exactly how a psychopath should be. I was at first allured by her innocent features thinking that she couldn’t commit murder but the writer managed to turn the story with the characters.

As with Alex, I actually thought that he was Charley’s true love beause they seem to be really compatible.

Alas! Turns out that alex was the mastermind of the serial killings, that was where the twist of the story begun.

I also like Bram’s character who was once an alcoholic and a drug user. In the story he was slowly changed into a more decent character and that is after been swayed by her sister Charley and their mother Elizabeth who then reappeared in their lives after twenty one years of abandonment.

Chatlotte’s father also portrays how some people are going these days, choosing to be lonely and not to forgive because of pride and self worth. It’s just too sad and stupid. But hell, it is but human life anyway.

Live and let live as the saying goes.

As with the story in totality, it was very intriguing and engaging but still, it lacks something. Like maybe more action on the last part because it was a bit edgy and general, not too much details regarding the murder and kidnapping’s were mentioned. It was more hollistic in nature tackling about Charley’s life and writings.

To summarize, the story was appealing but not the kind which reamains stuck in reader’s mind for weeks. Not that it’s forgettable, it is wonderful, but lacked a ‘magic click’.  But atleast it was still a happily ever after with Charley having to date Gary? Or was it Glen?

Ps I wish I could hear Alex’s story as well because the story covered the charater and he’s the mastermind behind the slaughter of the three molested children. It’s also intriguing to know why he did it. I mean what is it behind his past? Or was it innate in him to do brutal hurting? And whom did he love more? Was it Jill or Bharley? Because for sure he was, atleast, hopefully, attracted to Charley. I was even giddy in their mini-love affair before the truth was exposed! Again, I say, they were almost a perfect match! Too bad things don’t always go the way we want them.

Rating it 5/10 not bad. Enjoy reading!!!


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