Pinto Art Museum

After several days of stressful work, getting a break from all the load of pressure is definitely just what I need to be able to continue functioning. Good thing I was able to indulge myself into an escape that made me reunite with things that has a big space in my heart. This eventually made me realize and sort stuff which has been bothering me these past few days.

Luckily, I was able to get a break that fits my sisters schedule. We went to Antipolo, Rizal to visit the famous ‘Pinto Museum’ that caters libral art. It’s really amazing to witness how great our artists are. All their wonderful crafts that could leave anyone’s mouth hanging in awe. I’m difinitely a fan!

I’m not really the type who can make something out of the ordinary but I’m surely one of those who keeps a deep appreaciation for art. I love art. Since I was young I’ve dreamt of painting and sketching, even writing! And seeing this place in flesh, it felt so much like home. These photos are just some of my favorite and I wish you enjoy them as much as I did.

Ps. Happy Valentines!! 💕

Elegance, passion, love.. Everything can be found in art, don’t you think?
queen like in alice in wonderland


Usapang babae



Author: summerbeans

Collecting lights 💕

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