Milky MaxiDress



Every girls, including boys, likes to look good in photos, and who doesn’t, right? So after several shots in different poses, just when you get that perfect smile and angle, after series of editing, you then get to feel the intensity and excitement traverse all over your body as you finally press that ‘post’ button to reveal to whole cyber space community how good looking that person in the photo is.

‘Common, don’t deny it. I know everyone of us has their own GGSS moment. I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit that I even feel it more than once- everyday, even without the presence of camera. Yes! I feel beautiful because God has made me (all of us) beautiful in our own unique and simple way. And we just have to be confident to float it all over the univeeeerse!

Funny as it may seem, I needed to separate my selfies in a different post from my adventures. I don’t usually do this because I know nothing about fashion and cosmetics. But I feel like I’m getting older and these stuff are starting to become a necessity. So while I start to uncover and learn what these things are all about, I might as well share what, or how little, do I know about it… Read below.




Maybe it was the influence of koreanovelas that made me buy this maxi-dress. I imagined my favorite kpops in the dress and poof, I felt like I needed to try it too. The upper portion was actually a cotton covered with smooth transparent silk which made it pretty much comfortable to wear. The black skirt connected to the upper grey shirt that made the whole thing singular is really my type because it was long enough to  cover my knees. This made me feel at ease and my traveling a lot easier because I need not to mind whether I was beeing perverted or not. That dark skirt and shoes also made my complexion look fair. For a moment, I felt like I’m one of my favorite koreans. As for my accessory, I wore a simple white watch not wanting the look to become complicated. A sling black bag, where I could put my necessities, is also just what I need to finally make myself on the go, thus completing the look. Now, am I wearing it right? Well, my mom used to tell me that it doesn’t really matter what I wear as long as I’m comfortable, with this one, I really am.


Author: summerbeans

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