Mt. Pico de Loro

No one is ever too old for adventures, therefore going out to reunite ourselves with nature every once in a while is truly a must.



 Due to spontaneinty, we geared ourselves and went out on a treck to satisfy our craving for adrenaline rush.

Mt. Pico de Loro, otherwise known as the ‘Parrot’s Peak’, is considered as the highest point on a series of rolling hills and mountains within the boundary of Cavite and Batangas. I has  a measurement of 664ft above sea level.



According to history, the mountain was named by the Spanish colonizers when they came to invade our country (Philippines). Others say that it was the early hunters from Cavite who saw its resemblance to a bird. But during our treck, our tour guide had quite a different say, he proclaims that it was Sir Gideon (?) who discovered and named it. Well, whoever it is, it definitely has a resemblance to a parrot’s beak.





Luckily, I have a bunch who were on-the-go yesterday. Even if I  dragged them into it, they we’re very willing enough to sweat and walk and become, even once in their (our) lives, a mountaneer.


Nothing ever beats the unplanned trips, right? We started the treck at around 8:30 AM. From coastal mall, we road on a bus going to Naic (fair: 80.00), then we dropped by at Termate, Cavite. After, we rode in a tricycle going to DENR (fair:50-80.00). A 25.00 registration fee and a guide fee (rated based on the number of packs) will be also be paid before the starting the treck. A guide is optional since it is a public place but I recommend that you should take one if you are planning to go all the way to the summit a.k.a ‘Monolith’ where you can see the 360 degrees view of the whole place.



There were at least 8 stations before reaching the camp site. Then the next step after that is the real struggle because the way becomes steeper, more slippery and dangerous. But don’t worry, it’s 99% safe as long as you don’t do anything stupid.


It was a worth while adventure. Perfect for those who are searching for forever- kidding, soul searching and meditation. It has a breath-taking view that gives peace of mind. Also, this has to be a wonderful spot for all the people who seek and love heights.



The activity doesn’t necesarily need a sporty type of person, as long as one is willing to put dirt on his hand then a trail is ready to welcome him.


It was really an amazing experience! Everything was fun from beggining to end, all the people we met were very nice and accomodating. It was truly a friendly place.



I feel like my heart wanted to burst each time I try to imagine myself on top -flying and falling- again. It’s a different case of butterflies in the stomach. I felt so at ease forgetting all the stress from work. I felt deeply relieved and happy.



It was definitely a moment to remember for it was my first time to climb a mountain peak. Finally, my dream of conquering a summit has been realized. More to come! Fighting!


Author: summerbeans

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