Learning through Stories (A Book Review of ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society ‘(Part 1))

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The good thing about books is they do not only share us their stories but also their lessons. And if we only try to understand this, if we only try to dig deeper into this purpose, then I guess, more eyes would read, maybe even the thickest pages. Continue reading “Learning through Stories (A Book Review of ‘The Mysterious Benedict Society ‘(Part 1))”


Turning Twenty Two


I’ve always been a peter pan in my life, afraid of getting old, afraid of not being able to fly one day. I’ve kept my wings secured behind me, and like Maleficent, I wonder how my life would be, without it.

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Discovering Real, Quezon


There’s something about the beach that automatically turns my heart excited and relieved. Maybe it’s the smell of the ocean, the feeling of salt on my skin or the magical strech of blue over the horizon, but either or, it will always be my happy place.

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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

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It is easier said than done.

Just how much moved I am with heartbreaking stories, Me Before You has re-opened my mind to simple life facts that I’ve been seeing blindly all through my life. Also, it taught me lessons: lessons that I so long knew but did not really comprehended.

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