Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

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It is easier said than done.

Just how much moved I am with heartbreaking stories, Me Before You has re-opened my mind to simple life facts that I’ve been seeing blindly all through my life. Also, it taught me lessons: lessons that I so long knew but did not really comprehended.

(Beware: Spoilers ahead)

Lou, the main character in the story, a girl who has been devoted in helping her family all through her life, encompasses just how much most of us are living these days; waking up trying to get by each day, doing what we routinely do, making the most of what we have, being contended and not being brave enough to seek for more. I mean, it’s okay to be contented but that’s not a reason for us to stop seeking  for improvements.

Letting our inhibitions and fear of rejection get over us will only stop us from achieving our goals. We say we need more time and wait. Maybe, that’s why we settle for less than what we deserve. We are little cowards letting go of split second chances, expecting that it may come around the second time again. The big question is, will there be any second chances? Are we ready to submit ourselves into a life with tons of regret haunting us if we keep on procastinating?

We have a horizon of reasons for not doing things but let’s not forget that there is always a way to sort it if we really want to start doing things right.

Will (Lou’s love affair) on the other hand portray the mass of people who literally give up on life itself. Not that I’m not considering the physical illness that is injected in him but ‘common, I’m a Christian and I believe that as long as we’re living, there is a reason. We might not know it yet, but again, there is a reason. I still believe that, no matter how difficult it may seem, life is still amazing and beautiful if seen in the right perspective. I don’t find suicide as the answer. Let alone being a quadriplegic and other debilitating disease for I have no right to speak ill about them for I am not in their position and I can not really tell how they feel, but ‘common you guys, I believe in hope and I have faith for all those who’s losing it.

Furthermore, it is one of the stories you’d wish to edit so that in end, it all turns out to be a happily-ever-after. And that’s how a fiction should be, right? But let’s face it. I am no Jojo Moyes and I will never be able to make the story more beautiful than how it is done already. Because tragic it may seem, it’s the gist about it! It’s what we love about it. It hurts, it leaves a mark, which in a queer way, makes it difficult to forget.

What makes this novel different from other romance stories tho, is that it debates with ethics.

Here’s a short narration:

Lou, a funny-looking, brightly dressed, chatter woman desperately looking for a job, agreed to become Will’s, a frustrated-hopeless quadriplegic man who seemed to have lived his life before meeting his accident, good caretaker. And after some time, Lou found out that Will wanted kill himself after 6 months because he finds his life meaningless. This made her want to change his perspective. She planned for trips and tried to make Will’s life normal. Eventually, they fell in love with each other (or ‘she’ fell in love with him?). It was a colorful 6 months but Will did not change his mind, he still chose legal suicide. At first, it was difficult for Lou but eventually, she decided to support his decision. Will died and left Lou some money so she could start chasing her dreams and living her life. It might be cruel and harsh but that’s how the story goes. I told you I wanted a happily-ever-after.

The most intriguing part of the story for me is the love of Will for Lou. I still find it questionable because I think, if you really love a person deeply, you won’t want death for an answer. Okay, that is just my opinion. I mean, he could have at least tried if their relationship might work, right? I badly wanted them to be together. But reality bites back, things doesn’t always come our way.

The story is somehow provoking, allowing suicide as the answer and at the same time encouraging people to live their life. It’s quite ironic which makes it a must-read for everyone. Rating it 7/10

The best part, on the other hand, is how the story could move a person to stand up and start doing things. This story inspired me to write my bucket list this year and start doing them, for real! This made me want to travel, study and risk. It’s not easy but now, at least I am trying. I am indeed thankful!


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