Contemplating on Ilocano’s

Ilocos will always be my favorite place, my home, my jungle of liberty: Everything that holds my strings together from past to present. So maybe if you ask me “Where’s the best place on Earth?”, the answer will always be ‘Ilocos! ‘. No. Not that I’m bias… Well friends, there is no better place than home.


Having been blessed with a three-day-straight summer vacation last week, I decided to pack my stuff and go home. It was a pretty much planned trip you know, I made reservations with some friends a month prior, but sometimes, when you prepare too much, it doesn’t always go as expected. But don’t worry, I didn’t say I didn’t have fun, because I did.


My cousins: Cookie, Ate Guia and Ken, tita Olive, Ate Je and Kim decided to join me in my escapade to Ilocos so we decided to hop along the spots that make Ilocos boom in tourism industry. You know: The Cape Bojeador in Burgos, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Pagudpud Beach, Marcos’ Remain in Batac, Malacanang of the North in Paoay, Sand Dunes in Laoag, plus we also had the chance to visit Taggat Beach Port at Cagayan.


Anyway, the thing in my visit is that I think I’ve grown too familliar with our locale that I eventually slipped into a much deeper understanding with it.

This may sound bizzare but instead of looking at the panorama, I started observing people. I guess tourist’s take the Ilocano’s forgranted so I’ll tell you what: The next time you visit Ilocos, look deeper into people’s eyes, know what makes them smile, see through their hearts. You’ll be surprised of what’ll hit you.


I’m not bragging about the people of my own flesh okay, but if not because of them, I wouldn’t be contemplating on what I’m about to say today.

Let’s talk about happiness.

It’s amazing how happiness can be difined in so many ways. It varies depending on which peoeple you ask, on the situation or need, or the place you’re in.

For the longest time, I’ve seen happiness as momentary, something which is only felt for a short period of time. It is  transitory as time. It passess. It fades and comes back. No one is forever happy and no one is forever sad. But the thing about it is that it comes in different forms and intensity.

During our roadtrips, I saw people laugh because of funny jokes. I saw kids amuse because they are able to splash seawater with their friends. I saw old people wipe off their sweat and still smile because they have their family beside them. I saw vendors celabrate with their little earnings. I saw sparks in couples eyes because they’re inlove. I saw human beings enjoy because of a beautiful view. I saw a tired person feel at ease because he’s able to drink a glass of cold water after accomplishing a lenthy, tiring walk. Do you see my point?

In this planet which comprises a diversity of human beings, there’s a lot of  factors that could make us happy. The old people, who had more experience than us, say that ‘Happiness‘ can really be simple. But is that really true? because simplicity, in the mind of mediocrity, contrast. I often speculate about the ultimate source of it. Why is it so easy and difficult to achieve? I guess, there is no concrete answer, because all of us has an opinion about it.

Positive Psychology pinned down three distinct sources of happiness: Pleasure, Challenge and Meaning. To summarize, these are positive sensations causing a sense of accomplishment leading to a greater purpose. Still complicated?

Well, I guess what I’m trying to say is that happiness may never present itself in a form we expect it to. Most of the time, it exist in changable pattern. Sometimes what we expect to make us happy doesn’t make us happy and the things the we often take forgranted bring us a clatter of joyous laughter.

That’s the irony of life.

From what I had seen in my vacation, the ultimate hack of life is just to take things slow and follow the rythm of your own pulse instead of worrying and stressing too much over petty things. That my friends, is surely one way to be happy.It doesn’t need too much effort, once in a while, try to let go and smile for no reason. Sometimes all it takes to be happy is to believe that you are.

(… and this is a bunch of incoherent thoughts, spare me this one ✌️ -xo)


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