Intergalactic Feels

Photo credit: Gary Solomon

Have you ever been into a point of your life wherein everything starts to weigh up in your chest and you have no idea where you’re headed? Like the universe is starting to swallow your whole existence and you are but a strand of ashes lost from a gigantic collision?

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SLMC goes to Laiya Batangas


St. Lukes Medical Center, QC celebrated this hot season by treating their employees into a much deserved summer get away. This year, they hosted a ‘OneDerLand’ get together party at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.  Continue reading “SLMC goes to Laiya Batangas”

Exploring the City, feat. Veniece Piazza, McKinley Hill

First time visitors are usually speechless in a new environment. At first glance it’s rather decadent. After a while it becomes just another place, just another business. That’s how it boiled down to me. The metropolis which I use to look up to when I was young became just another place, just another business.


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