Exploring the City, feat. Veniece Piazza, McKinley Hill

First time visitors are usually speechless in a new environment. At first glance it’s rather decadent. After a while it becomes just another place, just another business. That’s how it boiled down to me. The metropolis which I use to look up to when I was young became just another place, just another business.


I remember back then, I always anticipate our trips to Manila because there’s so much to see. Maybe I was small because the world always felt bigger in my eyes whenever I was here. I actually marveled and looked forward to living in this place, but I don’t know, somewhere in between, it changed. The city became a common ground to me, and worse, it became tiring. Sometimes, I just want to run away and escape to other places. The crowd, the traffic, the smoke- everything else often suffocates me.


When my siter Marga decided to visit Manila, I was clueless of where to bring her. The fact, that I myself is not so fond of this place (sorry, this might change someday), left me hanging. All I could think of were malls and food stalls. Okay, those were on my plan but I wanted to bring her somewhere amazing, too. I wanted her to enjoy her stay. But how?, I thougt desperately.


After several browsing, an offer from a friend (which I turned down) gave me an idea of where to go: The so called Veniece Piazza at McKinley Hill, Taguig, Global City.


If in case you want to commute to reach the place, I suggest that you consult google map first and please try to ask people every now and then, just in case you’d get lost.

In our story, we did got lost twice at FTI!! I was even irritated because I felt like I was pushing the idea too far and it’s starting to punch us back.

Frustrated and mad of how it turned out I was all cranky. I’m lucky that my sister and her boyfriend, who were my comrades that time, tolerated my behavior.


Finally setting my foot on the so called little-venice, all I could think of is how pathetic I had been. Sure, I was a bit disappointed. Not that I expected more, which I sure did, but also, aside from eating, shoping and picture taking, there was nothing else to do there. I guess we don’t have the same idea of fun but I really expected stalls that offer other activities like maybe, board games? (Hmm, or maybe I didn’t find those stalls? I don’t know). Anyway, that’s just my opinion.


McKinley Hill is a rising establishment for the people in the city, It’s actually a shopping mall with a grandiose Venetian arts and design. To qoute it, it’s a picturesque Florentine courtyards.

If you dream of visiting Europe, then I suggest that you go. But if you’re only looking for a place to shop and have fun, and you actually live far from the area, consider going to a nearer mall.


Except for it’s great architectural design, there’s not so much to see in the little grand cannal. I did like the vicinity but I was hoping for more, I say it’s a so-so place.

I wish Marga and Louie enjoyed themeselves somehow…

Everybody inside were enthustiastic and eager to take photo’s, so here.. we also took ours to satify ourselves.

Ps. I’m not saying the you should cross this place in your bucket list. One must see to find out for himself, right? Try it! who knows you might have a different say? Just avoid getting lost!! Take care. -xo


Author: summerbeans

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