Tagaytay City

Traveling will always make a wonderful life, don’t you think?


Tired and late last Sunday, all I could ever think of are of the missed chances: like not being able to catch a bus because I was 5 mins. late or not being able to join a sport in my high school days because I thought I wasn’t fit enough, etc, etc. Ahh. Those little treacheries that create all kinds of melo drama in life- I don’t specifically like it. It’s like being so close and yet so far from something that fulfills you- god, it  isn’t really that appealing. So even if my bones were weary upon waking up, I pulled my body off from bed and went out. I was afraid that if I haven’t done so, I might never be able to do it.


This time I wet to the summer capital of Central Luzon: Tagaytay City! (Ever wondered what’s in store here?)


My friends tell me that the specks of Tagaytay comprises of the breathtaking view of Taal volacano and their famous, mouthwatering dish: bulalo. Amongst the two, we were only able to try the former because we’re on a budget trip. (Hopefully, next time! Fingers crossed.) 


The island of Taal covers around 30 sq km speckled with steep-sloped craters and cinderstone, it is often referred to as the smallest, second most active volcano in the Philippines.

A later eruption liquefied the island to create the 20 meter deep main crater lake. Well. Where else can you see a simmering waters of a lake whithin a lake, on a crater whitin a crater? But of course we only got to know this through research because we only got as far as Picknick Grove.


According to a confidant, the cost per boat to reach the islet is around P. 1,500- good for 6, aside from that P. 100 will be charged for the environmental fee, and another  P. 500 for the guide to trek the upper portion of Taal. Some people might bargain for higher charges so be careful.

The Picknick Groove, however, is a perfect place for bonding. It’s only a one-tricycle ride away from Olivarez plaza, fare cost’s : P. 40 (the dropping point of busses from Manila, fare cost’s P75-100).

Aside from the relaxing view, it also offers activities such as zipline, carcable ride and horse backriding- though I couldn’t tell whether they’re a must try or not because we didn’t try it ourselves. Uh, it’s a little bit too short for us. I think these activities are mainly designed for kids.


After a long traffic travel, jam-packed with a burnt spirit, this place became a breathing ground for me. I think I must be one of those people who could look at others and transmit directly whatever they are feeling because I felt just what the guest’s in the groove felt, it made my day.


There’s not much story in our trip because we only got to spend around 3 hours in the area. It’s good though that I was with my best buddy: Jeric, aside from getting a bubbly energy, it’s always comfortable to spend a day with a person who knows your roots and flaws because you can just be your plain, boring self.

Each of us needs to relax most especially when the city is starting to eat us. A person once told me that being able to do what you love to do is not a matter of having a hectic or easy flowing schedule, it is but a proper time management.


Declining an offer to go out can be easy when you’re busy and tired but this will never be an acceptable reason for us to jail ourselves in a closed hollow space, forever. All of us needs to get out from our shell, no matter how difficult it may seem, every once in a while. It’s always possible!!! if we really want to… Remember that even a perfect shell cracks sometimes.

PS. YOLO!  we only live once so let’s start doing what makes our heart skip now before it becomes too late. I know we can do it!! Ajaaaa! -xo.



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