SLMC goes to Laiya Batangas


St. Lukes Medical Center, QC celebrated this hot season by treating their employees into a much deserved summer get away. This year, they hosted a ‘OneDerLand’ get together party at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. 


The peacefulness of the ocean in the midst of loud banging music, encouraging everyone to get up and party even at 12 noon, is really new to me. People are scattered everywhere taking photo’s, drinking beer and brandy, sitting, chatting, devouring food, singing out loud, patrying, playing games, and many other frolick activities made it look like we’re on an island full of enthusiasm.


Not everybody knows everybody that time so I was amazed not feel any awkwardness in the atmosphere. Everyone does what they enjoy and everybody seemed to respect it. Deep inside, it felt like we all have a common ground and no one inside is a joined-cat (foreign).


Batangas is known for its beaches so I’ve always looked forward to visit one. They say that the shorelines here are kissed with calm waters and surprisingly, it is! Aside from that, it’s also shallow (waist-deep) making it feasible for non-swimmers (and swimmers alike) to enjoy the beach. The strand of the sea is mostly made up of cream colored sand and few rocks so you can actually stay in the water without hurting your feet and feeling itchy. We also saw some fish due to it’s clarity but more of it is located on the deeper portion of the ocean.


The beach port, on the other hand, has a dramatic overlooking backdrop of mountains and an infinite horizon which makes it cozy to sightsee, if in case you don’t want to swim.


The resort offers activities such as banana boat, flying tubes and island hopping. The price is affordable and the ride lasts for about 30 mins. My friend who tried it says she’s rating it 5 out of 10. Other activities such as voleyball and fishing can also be done provided that you bring a ball and a net.


Surrounded by nice people, good food and lively music, I’d say that it was really a fun filled day. I can’t remember the last time I stayed in the water for so long ’til my skin turned pink and shrinked due to hypertonicity. It felt good to loosen up a bit and talk about other things aside from medical topics with my favorite people.

The summer-iing made me feel like I somehow belong to SLMC. Honestly, there are days when I’d say that I’m not fit to work in such institution and that my soul is destined to be in some other place(s) but then again, I can never really tell and I’ll never really know. A day will always be unpredictable for fickle-minded souls.


Oooh, I think I can still taste the salt in my lips, l hope it stays until the next summer outing!



Author: summerbeans

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