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All the mistakes we make are like trade marks we do to our skin. It looks like a deep, rotten purple scar that feels painful each time something or someone touches it. A tatooed purple scar hidden beneath our dress that won’t be concealed. It grows with us. It propagates with us. It nourishes itself with our appetite of agony and frustration, which sooner or later, educes a toxic tumor that keeps spreading in our body. Have you ever seen a purple body? Well. It could exist in a blind eye.

There are two types of tumor: benign and metastatic. The hidden tumors that infests our body could be one of these, or both. It could be benign because sometimes we could live by each day with it and feel nothing. It could also be malignant because it could affect and poison our daily living. And it could be both because sometimes, we only feel it when we remember that we have it. We choose what kind of disease we give our body.

Today, I am not defending any errors. I know that it’s an inevitable situation that we all go through. You could have taken a soda in a vendo machine instead of a bottle of water, that’s a mistake. Solving a wrong mathematical equation is also a mistake. We go on and on commiting one mistake after another because that’s how we learn.

We learn.

Keep that in mind because in worst case scenarios, we often get too entangled with the memories of shame and pain that comes as a result of our wrong doings. Given the fact that the blame is on us, we hide ourselves in a room of misery believing that our very existence is a square peg in a round hole. Thus, in the long run, disables us to work things out.

Whenever you feel down and depressed because of those terrible missteps you did in the past, I want you to remember that you can breath.. and forgive yourself. You are not perfect and no matter how much you want to take control over everything, you can’t. There are things in life we can’t predict so we just have to deal with it. Don’t let the fear of misfortunes stop you. Don’t hesitate to go out there and try again. Don’t be afraid to screw yourself over and over because that’s a shit we all can’t prevent. Lastly, don’t forget that every day is another day- A chance for us to prove to ourselves that we can do better than that.. Because we are better than that.

The consequences of our actions may be frightening and painful at first, but at the end of the day, the learnings we get from it will all be worth it. I’m sure of that. We’re all going to gain something from it. We’re going to mature. Then we’re going to move on and have a better understanding about ourselves, hopefully.

So it’s okay. It’s okay to live a benign purple body full of tumors because everyday we will be reminded of how painful it was and we will know how to handle things appropriately the next time.

Think of it this way. There are atleast 10 scars on our body, which means once upon a time, they were wounds, but now they’re all healed and we survived them all.


Author: summerbeans

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