The little bird who wants to fly away


I once have a little bird. She has yellow feathers with a purple ring, just around her claws. She has magnificent wings that curls below her tail. She chirps like a newborn hatchling. Oh my, a cute litlle bird who is so naive wanting to travel the world. She asked for an advice and I gave her these:

Little one, if you really want to travel the world, be certain of it. Muster your courage and be 100% sure, not less. Because once you leave this tree, there is no turning back. You will fly away and meet a new family in a new tree, different from this one. Though you can visit, you can’t come back, unless you know you must. Once you’ve decided to leave, take that suit case of nothing to lose, spread your wings and fly away.

There are different species of birds in this world. Be careful. Don’t let anyone play your feelings. If they hurt you, don’t hurt them back. They are people lost in the abyss of madness. Try to understand them because most of the time, you too, will go through this. You can’t help it. We can’t help it. Sometimes you unconsciously hurt someone’s feelings and you won’t even get the chance to say sorry for it because you have no idea about what you’ve done to them. Benjamin once said that knowing is better than wondering. I, myself, wish that I knew everyone I’ve hurt, so at least, even if I couldn’t get the chance to say sorry, I could repent for it.

Rage and sadness is a common feeling we all share. You are not the only one in this world who will feel lost and alone. There are 7.4 billion earthlings in this world and half of it could possibly share the same fate that you are having right now and another part could be worse. I’m not telling you to be grateful because that is unjust. What I’m telling you is that you should live to get by each day. Because that’s what we are supposed to do until we finally find that missing piece that fits our puzzle. Until then, keep the faith.

Having a bad day is literally bad. When all you’ll ever want is a hug and a loving mind that would understand, all you get is a nag about how careless you were. I know it is more than frustrating but don’t let it cripple you. Some may take you for a fool but you know better than that. You are always better than that.

Learn that you should not fall for people who do not know your worth. Boys will say you’re pretty and they just don’t get it that it’s more than that. They don’t know that it takes more than the outside appearance. What lies beneath our skin should worth more than that. Again, some would say they love you and not let you feel it, some would let you feel it but will not say it. They forget get that it should be both. Find a bird who knows.

Relationships will be a magficently covered box. It will always be beautiful outside. No one gives a gift wrapped in news papers, right?  What is inside that box is the thing that you should learn to accept. It will comprise of nasty fights, jelousy and bitter words. But that makes a relationship. If you’re able to go through that and still be happy then be glad it’s a genuine relationship.

The earth comprises of land and water, once you set sail in the sea do not expect that it will always be a fine weather, because every minute, the air cools as it rises, water vapor condenses, heat is released and a thunderstorm is born. A cycle that we couldn’t stop. There will come a time when you’ll be challenged by a storm greater than your ship and it will wrek everything apart. Your anchor will break, the deluge will sink your ship, even your most favoured ring will tear apart. But this doesn’t mean that it’s end of the world for you, because in every sea there is an island, swim with all your might to reach that island and go save yourself.

Smile and try to be happy. If it gets difficult, still, smile. The world will ease all your pain and wash your tears away in time if you keep it all together, if you keep fighting ’til the end. Remember that in every beautiful story is a tragic past. You’ll be surprised when you narrate your story 20 years from now.

Little bird, don’t be afraid. This world where we live in are full of snakes and lions awaiting to behead you. Keep your head up and guard youself all the time. If you must kill one of them, kill them. But always remember where you’ve started, why you’re here and most importantly, keep your feet in the ground. It’s not wrong to fight back but always have your empathy wih you.

Some birds will soar higher, some never comes back, some hit the ground so fast they break their bones in a single smash. Learn from them.

My ambitious, little one, you are so young and so naive. Think about what you want. What you really want. If you choose to go, keep in mind that I will always be in this tree where we stand, waiting for you to come back, in God’s perfect time.


Author: summerbeans

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