To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before & PS. I still Love You

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These past few days I’ve found myself enjoying a duology book written by Ms. Jenny Han: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and PS. I still Love You. The reading was a bit time consuming because I spent a day for each book and it was a two consecutive night duties for me in the hospital so you can bet I was a half walking zombie the whole time. Nonetheless, there is no room for regrets because it’s a worth it story, rating it 8/10.

(Note: spoilers ahead)

The story is all about a teenage girl named Lara Jean, who writes a love letter for closures- there are five in all. She keeps them all in a hatbox which her mother gave her. When she writes, she pours out her heart and soul and says all the things she would never say in real life, because her letter are for her eyes only. Until one day, all her letters got mailed to those who were adressed in it. That’s when Lara Jeans love story turns from imaginary to out of control.

When I was more of Lara Jean’s age I used to write a love letter adressed to all the boys I’ve loved before too. The difference is that most of my letters are written with a note of goodbye and a promise not to love them any further in the end. It was a childish thing to do but when you’re young and you’re not the confident type of girl, this actually helps you to move on.

The reason I love this book is because I can totally relate to Lara Jean, except that my letters didn’t got mailed and that I didn’t end up to one of those guys I secretly liked before. It’s not such a bad story though because I think the best part is that I wasn’t the only one who does the writing thing, lol.

It’s a very romantic book and I must say my heart goes all out for it which is why here are some of my bullets:

  • The Song sisters will always be my favorite people in the story. The family scenes is where I cried the most. I can’t help but fall inlove with them, including their dad. My issue though is the part where Margot and Lara Jean had a fight because of the triangle with Josh and when Kitty admitted that she was the one who sent the letters. It was quite unbelievable because they forgave each other so easily. Er. How do we do that? It feels like we can’t just let people go away with that kind of betrayal, even if their our sisters, we just can’t accept an appology without getting some time to heal first. It’s not as easy as that in real life. Am I sounding unreasonable? Maybe a longer time to heal is all I ask. It’s not that I’ve been in a long fight with my siblings before because I never did and Jenny Han has a point, you can never get mad at your family for too long, but you know, that drama part was just cut way too short. It was played fast forward. I think some parts were played fast forward. Some events were actually happening so fast. I know I hate drama but adding some more would actually spice it up.
  • I love how the shiftings from Josh to Peter to John Ambrose McClaren then back to Peter again. I must say that Jenny directs her readers well. She let’s you love the person whom she wants you to love. If in any chance Peter and Genevive had that something going on between them, I would have completely surrendered my vote to Johnny and hate Peter right there and then, but boy, they didn’t, so I must be loyal to Peter because he was, after all, the Peter in the ‘To all the Boys I’ve Loved Before’. We can’t just throw that away. On the other hand, John Ambrose McClare, is a sweet, living, innocent, little creature and I don’t want him to not have a chance with Lara Jean. This actually made me all dramatic! I must applaud Jenny for getting my head all over this story. She wirtes to make her readers feel confused though at the back of her palms she already knew who’s side she’s going to let you pick. Gah, I’ve been meaning to let all the meme’s out for some time now.
  • The love story, however, is really common. A shy girl falls in love with a famous guy and then poof! for magic. Hey, I’ve watched that a million times on TV and yet, the funny thing is, I still feel more than romantic. What I don’t get is why writers do that? They keep on creating fictional characters and stories that are less likely to happen in real life- and we actually buy it. If only they’d write more about the real love stories that could actually happen outside the book then maybe some readers won’t be too much dreamy about a having great love story *Ooppss* I am not talking about anyone in particular, I swear. Ha ha.
  • John Ambrose McClare is definitely a bona fide fantasy. Johnny do not exist in real world, or maybe there is at least 1% of Johnny in this world. I guess that’s why I feel so much for Johnny because he is so perfect and he get’s to be the one who’s rejected in the end. It’s terribly unfair. Life is terribly unfair.
  • I think Kavinsky does sound like an old man with a white beard. I think Peter K.’s character is very comparable to the korean Go Jun Pyo of ‘Boys Over Flower’. He is arrogant and vain, and he’s not the type who talks a lot, but he cares A LOT, and that’s probably the reason why I ship for him and Lara Jean.
  • Lastly, the thing that connects me to this book, which is why I like it so much, is because I can totally understand Larra Jean. She wrote those five letters to burry all her feelings because she knew she can never have any of those boys. She never admitted to it either because she knew that there is no chance. And you know, sometimes, the pain that we get for not knowing is better than the pain we get from being rejected.

Arg. This book just blew my mind. I was hoping for more. I was dying for a twist! This book is really something.

So you must read it!

PS. Have you ever been in love before? Have you ever felt broken because you fell for the wrong one? Have you ever tried writing a love letter? Or a break-up letter? How about a goodbye letter? I’d like to hear from you 🙂


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