Finite, Unpredictable and Brief #1


Unlike every other day, today feels different.

A small weather report:

The sky is filled with cotton candies and a big fat giant bee is lurking around the corner, secretly devouring each one of them as they all pass by to greet him.

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The kind of advice I get from mom : The Fox and the Grapes Parable

Photo credit: Kidsone

When my mom visited me last week to do her business here, I couldn’t bear not talk to her about my thoughts of resigning. Of course as a mother, she’s always been an optimistic cheerleader. During our conversation, she reiterated to me the parable about the fox and the grapes. Have you ever heard about it before? Here let me tell you once more: Continue reading “The kind of advice I get from mom : The Fox and the Grapes Parable”

Never, Never


A new book for reading is quite refreshing in mind when you’ve been monochromatic for some time in a row. The series: Never, Never #1, #2, #3 made it a point that I should never bore myself on unnecessary things when I could enjoy indulging on a book instead. Continue reading “Never, Never”