Never, Never


A new book for reading is quite refreshing in mind when you’ve been monochromatic for some time in a row. The series: Never, Never #1, #2, #3 made it a point that I should never bore myself on unnecessary things when I could enjoy indulging on a book instead.

Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. Complete strangers since this morning.

That’s the case of two high school lovers who forgot who they were and everyone else in the middle of a school day and had no idea why. Together they try to unravel what’s happening between them which eventually leads them to disturbing discoveries about the people who they were before and that the ‘amnesia attacks’ did not happen to them only once.

The thing about Hoover + Fisher team up is that they made the best cliffhanger I’ve read up to this day, specifically in their Never, Never series #1. When I got to finish it, I couldn’t get myself to sleep without unravelling series #2. It’s really exciting to wonder about what will happen next when Charlie and Sillas wakes up the next day losing all their memories, including their very own identity, again. *curiosity bugged the hell out of me*


There is mystery and romance combined which was blended well together but I must say it was much more confusing than romantic. The thing that happened between the characters deserved a closure and the authors did not give us that. Sillas once said that maybe the reason why they lost their memory was because they were messing with destiny. Wait. What. DESTINY? I think Tarryn and Hoover are both desperate to make a true-to-life-love-story that’s why they never revealed anything magical in the end, maybe like chants, potions or witchcrafts which could explain why it’s all happening to their characters in the first place. This backfired on their book which fuddled their readers in the end.


  1. Charlie was described as a pretty, straight forward, witty girl but for me she was all but awkward. She pretended to be tough but kept on making flirty gestures with a supposed to be stranger ‘Sillas’ just because she feels comfortable with him and that they were previously in a relationship. That’s all. There is also less of her on series #2 and #3: and everytime she tells her story she always thinks she’s in a hospital and then goes off to sleep in no time. Her life was quite a mess and I strongly think she’s just a wallflower in the story.
  2. Sillas. Oh, the charming one. He made the story more intriguing. His crazy role in dancing with Charlie in public without caring what other people think is what I like about him. Also when he promised to make Charlie fall inlove with him again. Gosh, I envy. But the downside of him is he’s too much inlove with a stranger too (as they say). Quite ridiculous in real life, don’t you think?


It’s creative and full of suspense. No wonder Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher are two of the best selling authors. It was amusing and easy to read. Together, they’ve written a beautiful, fast-paced, captivating story but is down right muddling – that I don’t really understand.


The story is good but not so good because it has left me with too many questions unanswered. As a matter of fact, the first blow of the book was really amazing which lead me to anticipate and expect a really veracious ending but disappointingly sad, the mystery was just left out there hanging in the open wihout any explanations at all. Rating it 6/10.

Ps. Despite my issues, this narrative is a constant reminder that relationships are worth fighting for if two people really love each other… You should definitely read it if you like cute and adorable love stories. Indulge!



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