Finite, Unpredictable and Brief #1


Unlike every other day, today feels different.

A small weather report:

The sky is filled with cotton candies and a big fat giant bee is lurking around the corner, secretly devouring each one of them as they all pass by to greet him.

The wind that is creasing my skin felt warm and comfortable. It’s making my skin glow a shade lighter, or so I thought it does.

The beach however, looks cooler and crystal as I watch people play around and wave at each other, the way they’re supposed to do so.

And there in the middle of the beautiful view, is where my sister is singing triumphantly, surrounded by many other girls with their pink swimsuit on, jumping and yelling as they try to make a sand castle from a scratch.

Euphoria, I thought, to describe the moment that is there.

One day when I’ll look back I’ll never forget the picturesque apperance of the place that once felt so much like home.

Wear sunscreen” my mom said loudly as I scoot back to the white wooden chair to tan myself up a little bit more. As a daughter, I obliged as I poke my head from my glasses, wandering my hand from one bag to another. I can’t find it. My hands galloped successively in three bags behind me. It’s becoming tiresome to look for it. I gave up.

“Gee, that sunscreen becomes elusive when you need it most” I thought. I couln’t find it and I don’t have the nerves to get up and get back into the car to get it, in case I left it there.

I’ve worn enough, I said to myself as I slammed back in to my throne feeling iddly about the scenery.

What can a little taste of sun do to my skin anyway? I examined my pale skin. It wouldn’t hurt so bad if I stay here just for a few minutes. And as I said it, my eyes got weary and puffier each time I tried to open them.

The waves felt like music in my ears. I realized that it has its own rythm. A melancholic tune that made my heart swell up in so much emotion. I missed this place. It has always been my favorite place. The beach.

What minutes turned to hours when I started to hear rambling. As if I were in a dream and everybody is getting seized up. I thought people we’re staring to jive a party. I thougth. But then for a second, I heard someone screaming. It came louder and louder as I pierce my eyes open with a little lighting.

“Elsa!” It says not of a sound of endearment but of alarm. On my second blink it became clear that the sound was indeed a wake up call.

At first, it felt like the wind has stopped to greet my wake. It freezed me like ice as the people who seamed to be swimming stood ajar, frozen at how magnificent the waves has turned out.

There were still chlidren along the shore with a life preserver along their waist, but I thought there is no need for that now. Not with all the water rolling back to the sea like that.

I see parents running towards them in panic, running in all directions, picking each one of them, rushing towards safety. I stumble for words because I was amazed of this sudden change of sceanery.

For a small freaking moment, I thought I was really dreaming. The waves should be comming towards us any minute from now.

I felt pain in my skin as my mom tried to reach for my hand. The voice despite its own fear was familliar and pacifying. A voice like an angel.

I gathered my strength to ran with her sideways asking no questions. My body is shaking. My head is throbbing. My thoughts still on the view of the submissive sea. How is it that the waves are running towards the opposite direction? I’ve never seen anything like it before.

I read about this in school. They call it tsunami’. But I never thought it’s going to be like this. I never thought it’s going to happen to us neither. It’s way more flabbergasting in real life.

In the stories, the waves go back to form a bigger wave and then when it’s done consuming all the energy in it, it comes back with a strong electric pull only to bring all in close proximity with it. I imagined the scenario and there it went.

I stopped for a moment realizing that my sister was still out there, probably alone. I turned around. The sand started to sore my feet as I tried to focus and look back once more. There is no one there now. I gained my control and started to run again.

It is probably the longest and fastest run of my life.

I started to feel it around the corners of my back, it slapped me hard like something has been targeting my shoulers with a wooden spank. I saw the glass windows of the hotel where we’re headed close before my eyes. And then, it felt cold. It painfully soothed my body from the bite of the sun from before. I classped my hands and felt my skin. This time I know I am all alone. I lost my mother somewhere.

Just a few minutes earlier, I thought I saw her and she was standing in front of me while we were ran together hand by hand but now I can only feel my fist closing as I tried to swim and fight the water that is starting to soffucate me and swallow me back.

It’s crushing my lungs. I held back my breath for as long as I can, climbing up into the water with all my might, but it’s no use. It’s too deep to surface above it.

First, it went straight to my nasopharynx, and then to my trache, down to the airways that’s hidden inside me. Breathing was impossible. The first try of inhalation was painful enough that I didn’t want to repeat it. But despite the pain I felt, my body seemed to long for so much air, I couldn’t control it.

I tried to scream but the water came all the way to stop it. It is as if I were thirsty and I opened a faucet of grief. I felt strangled. Too much air was escaping. I see bubbles everywhere.

I slept again.


Author: summerbeans

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