Dreams and Death

When you’re dreaming you don’t really realize that you are dreaming, right? It would feel like you’re really there and the moment is really happening. Continue reading “Dreams and Death”


Unrequited (an open letter to someone)


It dawned on me today that we are two different people, on different planets, with entirely different cosmic stars, so even if I’ll try to fight the current that separates you from me, I will never win. So now, I am accepting the fact that you will always be a beautiful memory to  be remembered, probably the best one. Continue reading “Unrequited (an open letter to someone)”

Packing and Leaving


There are some days in summer when everything feels like in slow motion. Today feels like one of them. It’s like watching a movie in a television and you accidentally pushed the slo-mo button, keeping the moment longer, while playing the scene forward. I feel sad. In fact, I feel so sad. And it’s very familiar. Continue reading “Packing and Leaving”

On Faith and Spirituality


I was raised as a Christian by my parents (a Roman Catholic, to be exact). As a child, I followed the norms of the elder people. I believed so much in everything they said. I went to church regularly, prayed the litany by heart, honored the crucifix and other statues, and so on. There were even times when we would refuse to eat meat during holy week because people said that it is wrong to feel happy during holy weeks. Until now, I still don’t know how it’s all connected with it. Aside from that, I see people in television hurt themselves to repent. They say it is penitensya. I couldn’t really comprehend why people still need to hurt themselves to prove their covenant. But I was young, religious and innocent, I never dared to question it. Continue reading “On Faith and Spirituality”

Nostalgia: Opening your Heart to Acceptance


It was almost summer during our sophomore year. Everyone was busy getting their class cards to their respective proffesors to see if they passed or not. Some were sitting in groups along the hallway, some were lined up waiting for their turn to enter the teachers room, some were just goofing around and making fun of each other, some were worried because the lines in their faces are starting to meet in the middle. I felt weird inside and I don’t know why, it was like something big is about to happen in my life. Somethig big like learning a great deal of lesson. Continue reading “Nostalgia: Opening your Heart to Acceptance”

Mr.& Mrs. Jamang

SNEAK PEAK: Last night, my sister, Gillian, just got married!! I still can’t believe that she is officially Mrs. Jamang. It’s as if it’s only yesterday when we used to play around acting like adults using leaves as monetary unit while we threw pebble stones outside the street to play piko.  We even used the same set of clothes and bathe together, but now, my God, she’s all grown up, oops, we are all grown up!!! *cries* So yeah,  before I flood you all with tears, I’d like to share my official word to the loveliest couple, ever! Hii there!


Continue reading “Mr.& Mrs. Jamang”

The Book Thief Review

Photo credit: Orthogonalvector

The Book Thief filled me with so much metaphors. I don’t know if it was because of Markus Zusak’s “Narrator” or it was just his plain artistically choosen words that inclined me into falling, much deeper, for every beautifully tailored thought he has ever crafted- which may also mean one thing or another. Continue reading “The Book Thief Review”