Mr.& Mrs. Jamang

SNEAK PEAK: Last night, my sister, Gillian, just got married!! I still can’t believe that she is officially Mrs. Jamang. It’s as if it’s only yesterday when we used to play around acting like adults using leaves as monetary unit while we threw pebble stones outside the street to play piko.  We even used the same set of clothes and bathe together, but now, my God, she’s all grown up, oops, we are all grown up!!! *cries* So yeah,  before I flood you all with tears, I’d like to share my official word to the loveliest couple, ever! Hii there!


Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming until you find the right one: The one who will make you want to wake up each morning because you want to cook breakfast for him, the one who will make you laugh at silly jokes even if others aren’t laughing, the one who will make your heart skip a beat whenever he is around, the one who will make you think that this world is a better place to live in. Yes, that one person who will willingly grow wrinkles with you and will never get tired of listening to your distressful nagging and unending issues. That single red rose who will make you feel more alive everyday. Just head straight and keep your fins moving until you can finally find that one person who fits you. And once you meet him, try your best hold him in your arms and do not let him go because that person can never, in a million times, be replaced.


To Kuya Randy. I know Gillian because she’s my sister, so trust me when I tell you that you are a very lucky man. I’ve seen her through the good and bad and she always compromise. She can be crazily pathetic and stubborn because sometimes, she thinks too much and that too much is always in her head. But trust me, all girls are like that, you married a girl, right? Hehe.  But despite that, I am certain of one thing, she loves deeply. Regardless of all the possible arguments that you are both going to go through, I know that she will hold on. She’s a keeper. She will fight and love you until the very end. Because that’s what she is, a very stubborn girl, who would sacrifice anything for family and love. I’ve seen her in many relationships already but she’s never been this contented. So I know that you will take good care of her. Please don’t hurt her or make her cry, if you do please be the one to wipe it out (or else we’ll kick your ass). Kidding! We love you!!! Welcome to the family *flies kisses*


Hey kuya, you know what, here is a secret: she admires you more you think. Uhm. Robin Padilla? Haha.

I wish you both grow the patience towards each other as you start up your own family. I heard that it will not be easy when the sky showers you stones instead of rain, but I’d like you to keep in mind that when the full moon loves you, don’t worry about the rain or the stars, light will always be on its way. Do I make it complicated? What I’m trying to say is: Stay happy.


Remember your love. Keep it somewhere in a box and lock it down in the deepest part of your heart and when things become difficult, search for it and open it, and know that love endures. I know you both understand that.


To Ate Gillian. Time flies, things change so fast, and I am just completely happy that you finally found the right one for you. Well, not all of us are lucky to marry and fall in love with the one we like. I remember myself back into the time when we were on a road trip going home from Vintar, we were debating about who among us is going to bear a child first. We all concluded that it’s going to be Tets, because he’s a man, and no man can bear a child, yet. Anyways, I have a gut feeling that it will be you sweetheart, soon then? Haha. I wish you the best of luck. I’m hoping to meet my very own kuya Randy along the road soon, too, because I know you’re marrying because he’s worth the keep.


Hey horsey, I’ve always been amazed on how tough and gentle you can be. And I’m proud of you because despite all the difficulties that you’ve been through, I see kindness, and silver in your eyes. Like soft silver, melting. I’m happy to see you happy, I pray that you stay like that. I love you very much and I will always be grateful to have you as a sister. Remember that you will always find a helping hand in mine if things becomes a little bit heavy.


To both of you. I don’t really know what to say because I’ve never fallen in love but I do know one thing, if you keep God in the center of you heart, your marriage will go smoothly. You will both go a long way. Give each other support, inspiration and strength. I heard people say that the universe works for us in our truest path. It gives us exactly what we ask for. But the secret is to ask. To believe in the journey, and to walk forward with faith. I hope you bear that in mind.

May the Almighty Father bless both of you with more blessings and love and caring and understanding. Trust Him, always. He knows what’s best for all of us. Love, love guys!



Author: summerbeans

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