midnight thoughts : her


“If you were in my position, what would you do?” She asked silently like a mute.

A tear formed in the corners of her eyes as she ushered herself back to shut the door that holds her vulnerabilty. She’s done. She wanted to cry at that very moment but clearly, she wanted herself to become a fighter. A fighter does not cry in times of great misery, instead they device a plan to get back on track. And that is what she wanted to do. So she walked past to through the gallery of people and wiped the small sweat that escaped her eyes.

In her mind she concluded, we were never alike and we will never be the same person. We won’t act, speak or respond the same way. She was so full of emotions mixed with fierce and gloom for all the unkind words she just heard. It was awful enough and she just wanted to shut everything up and find a shoulder to cry on.

There were times when she’d tell herself that it’s not what she wanted. And she could surely do something about it. But it’s not like she isn’t trying. It’s just not that easy. She is human. Flesh, full of weakness. She had troubles. She even couldn’t get herself to sleep until it is past 22:00. She was trying her best but nobody ever notices that. Maybe because no one cares.

With a broken heart she whispered again, “If you were in my shoes, what would you do?”

It easy to judge a person by the way they act, dress and respond but it takes a really great time and effort to truly know a person for who they really are.

It was like that to her. Unless a person tries to push the wall that encloses her life, they will never know a single thing about her. She had boundaries all over her outside surroundings and that is not her nature at all. It’s sad that the person whom she thought would understand would not even pin any interest to understand.

While it is true that we can never teach a person a lesson by being too soft, it is not a wise move either to teach them by being too hard. I believe that there is a little space in life called compassion. Someone could settle into that to engrave whatever it is that they want to stress out in this life.

She was tired. I know. But I also know this: she will keep on enduring until the time is right. She said only sticks and stones will break her bones. I believe her.

And ’till the very end, that person who hurt today never understood.

PS. This world is big. You will meet different kind of people. Learn how to forgive and forget. Learn how to understand.


Author: summerbeans

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