Heartbeats. Smiles. Exhales. I think it all started with that.

Somewhere, in a small well-lighted place, underneath a different October sky, everything was soft and static. There was a girl wearing a swagger pants and a white t-shirt. Her smile was wide and full of meaning. She was among the crowd yet she stood up there like a glittered light, like she was the only one moving in the center of the jam. She owned the place like a spotlight.

She was a dancer, a flawless one. She can sway her hips with grace and there’s passion in her eyes. She was one of a kind. An open book. She will tell you what’s on her mind because she’s never afraid of saying it out loud. She is capable of so many things which makes her different from all other girls.

Among the crowd was a common boy. He was one of the few who thinks deeply, like he owned the universe under his pons. His brain is made up of tiny, intricate webs that are connected wih each other, all detailed and beautiful in their own right.

I saw his eyes fixed on her that day. His gaze was full of sparkling dust, and I know, on that very moment, she captured his heart. It wasn’t love at first sight. They’ve known each other for years and were friends all along. But that day, she was moving along with the music with her hair tripping frantically in the light. She looked very lovely and I bet every men in that small well-lighted place wanted to dance with her.

Love is recognizable in two people’s eyes when see you it. That registered on me when I saw their eyes meet. She was laughing and screaming as she moved forward to take his hand and grabbed him on the dance floor. Everyone watched as they showed off what they’ve got.

He had calloused hands and she is a perfect a braille. I bet they never thought that they would have their hearts beating for each other.

But that October, on that small well-lighted place, everything was just perfect and the moment was so magical. He was looking at her, and I think, she was looking at him too.

Confidence can break through anything solid. Everyone thought his heart was hard enough. But that wasn’t true. He was weak whenever she was around. And whenever people would say that they look cute together, his ears would flutter while his cheeks becomes cherry-red.

Each time I close my eyes, I can still see them in that little rooftop hiding behind the thick of the night. They were dancing and laughing while the world faded away infront of them. His arms against her arms. His hands resting around her shoulders. His face burried in the cave of her hair.

It was a wonderful love story but nothing lasts forever. Before the sunsent gloomed in its brightest orange, things slowly turned into a flickering matchstick: there was light, there was warmth, there was smoke, then there was darkness.



Author: summerbeans

Collecting lights 💕

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