Coron, Palawan 2018


Having been tagged as one of the most beautiful island in the world, I have always had this dream of exploring Palawan. Its picturesque coastlines hidden in 1,780 extremely beautiful islands are known to capture the hearts of many, one of which is Coron. Continue reading “Coron, Palawan 2018”


Mt. Batolusong


The desire to see the slopes and grassland over a mountain peak started when I first tried hiking. The grit and grandeur of far-flung wilds intimidated my innerself to question the wonders that lies beyond the concrete jungle we’re living in. It hurts to know that it became an enigmatic wall that separates us to the indefinite beauty of our physical world. From then on, I told myself that I’d have to visit more of these places. Continue reading “Mt. Batolusong”

Palaui Island

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The thing about going home after several months of working away is that you can finally slouch on a couch, stretch your arms wide open and distress all the toxic vibes that can potentially manipulate your spirit to dive in a pool of negativity. Continue reading “Palaui Island”

Winter Korea


Traveling abroad was one of my dreams ever since I was a child so when my co-workers invited me to go to Korea with them, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Who doesn’t want to go to Korea, right? A country known for its cosmetic industry and Kpops – of course, I’ve always wanted to know more about its culture. Continue reading “Winter Korea”

Exploring the City, feat. Veniece Piazza, McKinley Hill

First time visitors are usually speechless in a new environment. At first glance it’s rather decadent. After a while it becomes just another place, just another business. That’s how it boiled down to me. The metropolis which I use to look up to when I was young became just another place, just another business.


Continue reading “Exploring the City, feat. Veniece Piazza, McKinley Hill”