Winter Korea


Traveling abroad was one of my dreams ever since I was a child so when my co-workers invited me to go to Korea with them, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Who doesn’t want to go to Korea, right? A country known for its cosmetic industry and Kpops – of course, I’ve always wanted to know more about its culture. Continue reading “Winter Korea”

SLMC goes to Laiya Batangas


St. Lukes Medical Center, QC celebrated this hot season by treating their employees into a much deserved summer get away. This year, they hosted a ‘OneDerLand’ get together party at Laiya, San Juan, Batangas (5 hours away from Manila).  Continue reading “SLMC goes to Laiya Batangas”

Exploring the City, feat. Veniece Piazza, McKinley Hill

First time visitors are usually speechless in a new environment. At first glance it’s rather decadent. After a while it becomes just another place, just another business. That’s how it boiled down to me. The metropolis which I use to look up to when I was young became just another place, just another business.


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Contemplating on Ilocano’s

Ilocos will always be my favorite place, my home, my jungle of liberty: Everything that holds my strings together from past to present. So maybe if you ask me “Where’s the best place on Earth?”, the answer will always be ‘Ilocos! ‘. No. Not that I’m bias… Well friends, there is no better place than home.


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Conquering Mt. Pamitinan and Mt. Haponang Banoi



You don’t have to be a bird in order to travel. You don’t have to be a cloud to see the world. What’s important is that you have a set of beautiful eyes, and a heart, and that’s all that matters to see.

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Discovering Real, Quezon


There’s something about the beach that automatically turns my heart excited and relieved. Maybe it’s the smell of the ocean, the feeling of salt on my skin or the magical strech of blue over the horizon, but either or, it will always be my happy place.

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