Finite, Unpredictable and Brief #2


He was standing at the porch that day, waiting for me to come home. He has always been a brat for that. He said today he’s going to teach me our math lesson, apparently because I scored the lowest on our exam while he did fair. But I knew he only wanted to tease me out of it. Continue reading “Finite, Unpredictable and Brief #2”


Waiting for April


This is a book that you’d definitely need if you’re in for a slump and romantic sci-fi contemporary. It has everything in it: romance, drama, action, mystery, fanstasy and tragedy *winks* Continue reading “Waiting for April”

midnight thoughts : her


“If you were in my position, what would you do?” She asked silently like a mute.

A tear formed in the corners of her eyes as she ushered herself back to shut the door that holds her vulnerabilty. She’s done. She wanted to cry at that very moment but clearly, she wanted herself to become a fighter. A fighter does not cry in times of great misery, instead they device a plan to get back on track. And that is what she wanted to do. So she walked past to through the gallery of people and wiped the small sweat that escaped her eyes. Continue reading “midnight thoughts : her”

Unrequited (an open letter to someone)


It dawned on me today that we are two different people, on different planets, with entirely different cosmic stars, so even if I’ll try to fight the current that separates you from me, I will never win. So now, I am accepting the fact that you will always be a beautiful memory to  be remembered, probably the best one. Continue reading “Unrequited (an open letter to someone)”

Packing and Leaving


There are some days in summer when everything feels like in slow motion. Today feels like one of them. It’s like watching a movie in a television and you accidentally pushed the slo-mo button, keeping the moment longer, while playing the scene forward. I feel sad. In fact, I feel so sad. And it’s very familiar. Continue reading “Packing and Leaving”